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Thursday, October 19, 2006
  Call to Action
This November 7, vote EVERY Republican out of office.

Anti-Republican soundbites.

Remember and remind, constantly:

National Security:
- Torture of prisoners in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.
- Government-sponsored refusal to abide by the Geneva Conventions - creating dangers for our servicemen and -women overseas.
- Withdrawal of federal funds for terrorism preparation and defense of New York City.
- Osama still on the loose.
- The Valerie Plame scandal. Remember that? Rove leaking her name because her husband had pissed off the Bushies?

- An estimated 3,000 American military deaths and 650,000 Iraqi civilian deaths since the start of Bush's war.
- Inadequate armor, troop mustering, and weaponry for a successful Iraqi campaign.
- Afghanistan. Remember Afghanistan?

- Continued erosion of our freedoms, to wit:
* The Patriot Act.
* The Real ID Act.
* The Military Commissions Act.
* Elimination of the rights of habeas corpus, the right to a fair trial, and privacy.
* Internet data trawling of regular citizens to find supposed terrorists.
* The suborning of the press to corporate and governmental interests.
* The nominations and confirmations of two of the worst right-wing reactionaries to sit on the Supreme Court since Scalia was put there.
* Illegal wiretapping.
* Refusal by the Bush Adminstration to abide by court rulings which ruled its actions unconstitutional and illegal.

- A bigger deficit than we've ever had in our nation's history.
- More pork-barreling than even the Democrats at their worst achieved.
- No-bid contracts for Halliburton and other major defense and energy contractors.
- Tax cuts for the filthy rich and for corporations while the American middle class and working poor have to pay more in taxes every month.

- Suspected and in some cases proven vote fraud and disenfranchising of minority voters.
- Republicans baldly lying to their constitutencies about:
* GOP tolerance of gays when the gays toe the GOP line.
* GOP adherence to so-called Christian values.
* GOP adherence to traditional conservative fiscal values.
- Tom DeLay.
- Mark Foley.
- Robert Ney.
- Abramhoff.
- Karl Rove - Valerie Plame.

You should be sickened, if you're an American citizen. You should be reminding your fellow citizens of these talking points and scandals every chance you get. Remind them that the GOP are the party of the elites, for the elites, by the elites, and they don't really give a ripe fuck about anyone who isn't an elite.

Drag everyone in your neighborhood to the ballot box on November 7th. Print this out and put it in their hand and make them read it as they walk or ride with you. Get the damn vote out, folks. This is not America anymore, but we can take it back - if we work hard enough and push hard enough and throw the bastards out.
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